Automatic bill payment explained — What it is and how it works

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May 12, 2022
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What are automated bill payments?

An automated payment is essentially what it sounds like: a payment that’s automatically sent to one of your billers from your bank account or credit card account. You can authorize an automatic bill payment to be made using your debit card, credit card, checking account, savings account or money market account. The amount due for the payment is collected automatically by the biller according to your payment schedule. they can be used to pay for -

  • Mortgage

  • Utility bills

  • Cell phone bill

  • Streaming subscriptions

  • Credit card bills

  • Auto loan payment

  • Student loan payment

How do I put my utility bills on autopay?

Automated payments can be processed in one of two ways, depending on how you pay.

First, you can make automated payments via ACH transactions. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, and it refers to a form of electronic funds transfer, or EFT, to or from a bank account.

When you set up automatic bill payment using your bank or credit union’s online bill payment system, for example, your biller gets paid via an ACH transfer. You tell the bank or credit union how much to pay and when to pay it each month. The bank then authorizes that amount to be deducted from your selected account each month and transferred to the company you need to pay.

The second way to set up automated payments is by using your credit card. For instance, if you need to pay your Netflix or Hulu subscription each month, you could set up an automatic payment allowing those fees to be charged to your credit card.
There are three ways to set up automatic bill payment, depending on which biller you want to pay. You can schedule automated payments:
1) Through your bank’s online bill payment service
2) Directly with the biller
3) Using your credit card

How do you avoid a convenience fee?

For the most part, getting around a convenience fee is easy. Since only certain types of merchants charge them, you can simply use a different payment method and continue using your credit card for other everyday purchases.

How do I setup autopay on Spectrum?

Here are the steps to setup autopay on Spectrum-
To set up Auto Pay on
1.Sign in as the Primary user
2.Select Enroll in Auto Pay.
3.Enter your payment method details.
4.Follow the prompts to complete enrollment.

To set up Auto Pay using the My Spectrum app
1.Sign in to the My Spectrum app using your Spectrum username and password.
2.Select the Billing tab.
3.Tap the Enroll in Auto Pay box.
4.You'll see a message confirming that you've successfully enrolled in Auto Pay.

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