How to avoid late payments?

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May 12, 2022
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How do I pay my bills with biweekly pay?

STEP 1: CREATE YOUR MONTHLY BUDGET CATEGORIES-Getting paid once a month, twice a month, every week it doesn’t matter. You need to know where your money is going, so start by listing out your monthly expenses including due dates.
STEP 2: ORGANIZE YOUR BILLS AND EXPENSES UTILIZING A BILL PAY CALENDAR- Google Calendar is a fantastic free tool to help keep your finances organized and on track.Part of it is that the visualization really helps me understand what’s happening in each month, but also the bonus of getting the email reminders so I don’t forget due dates and how I’ve allocated funds in my budget.
STEP 3: CREATE A ZERO BASED BUDGET FOR EACH PAYCHECK- With a zero-based budget, you’re going to look at your income and expenses and give every dollar a job to meet your financial obligations and reach your financial goals for the future.When your paycheck comes in, you are going to assign 100% of your income to an expenses or category until you have planned out every dollar. 
STEP 4: TRACKING YOUR MONEY- Tracking where your money has gone is typically where most people get frustrated and bail, but this is a super important step in sticking with your budget and subsequently meeting your personal finance goals.

Pay rent in 4 payments?

There are multiple apps that let you pay rent in 4 or more installments, these are-

  1. Circa - Residents choose to pay in 1, 2, or 4 flexible payments throughout the month, directly from a bank account, with a debit/credit card, or using cash at a nearby banks.

  2. Boom - Boom is the modern rent payment platform, giving you the easiest, simplest, and most rewarding way to pay your rent.

  3. Flex - A smarter way to pay rent. Flex splits your bills into smaller, stress-free payments throughout the month

  4. Jetty Rent - is a loan product for your rent. Each month, Jetty pays your rent directly to your property on the first of the month and you pay Jetty back over one month.

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